Get your home ready for spring

Spring brings with it sunnier days, a cool breeze and a general pep in everybody’s step. Transitioning into a new season can make you want to switch things up; just as we change our wardrobe, changing up your interior decor can be a great way to start the season fresh! Follow our tips for bringing a little bit of spring indoors with our trend-led designs.

And it was all yellow…

If there’s one colour that instantly makes us think of spring, it’s yellow. You can easily change up the look and feel of a space by adding in some pops of colour. Yellow will make a room feel brighter, warmer and mood-uplifting. The easiest way to introduce a bold colour into a room is through cushions. Our Geometric Zig Zag Grey & Yellow Cushion is the perfect addition to a spring decor scheme.

You can also bring some yellow into your space with our seagrass baskets featuring a yellow weave. Add a plant to bring the outside in.

Fresh scents

Think soft, muted floral scents for that perfect springtime feel. Our Buttercup Camellia Glass Diffuser is the ideal home fragrance for this season, permeating a gentle aroma of fresh flowers throughout your home. For an evening scent, try burning our Atlantic Fresh Glass Candle; with notes of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and spearmint, it sets a relaxing atmosphere while still feeling and smelling like woodland walks in the spring.


Spring stationery staples

Whether it’s for your home office or you want to spruce up your workplace with some new stationery, we recommend changing up your notebooks and desk accessories so you can start fresh and without clutter or distraction. A new, stylish notebook can jazz up your desk space while also leaving you mentally prepared for a new season.

Switch out old photos

A great way to change up your home decor is by putting up new photos or prints. Use our multi-aperture frames as a way of showcasing your favourite photos. As each season passes, update the frames with new memories. For a pop of colour, our rose pink frames will instantly add a springtime feel.

Check out our new season products for more home decor inspiration.

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